Sad Bastard

The last time I watched who wants to be a millionaire with blackmailers friend Clarkson, they put on a little girl from my neck of the woods and after complaining on here (you’ll need to search) I vowed not to watch the prick again.

Last week I renaiged and watched the end of the program, I was in two minds to watch tonight in case they tried the same trick. Being a curious person I tuned in and soon as woman from previous show lost, they introduced the next hopefuls. No joke among them was a barely of age girl from Kinross. (my neck of woods again) and I thought surely not??? Check it out who won, no joke!!! Two things to note. 1. They are still tracking what TV programs I watch, no surprise there. 2. Who wants to be a millionaire is fixed and the only millionaire is blackmailers friend Jeremy fucking Clarkson!

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