Rubbish Opponents

So it would seem that my opponents only effective tool left in their armoury (apart from the poison and intimidation etc) is to fill my outside bin to the brim so that I can’t dispose of any of my rubbish. Or so they think, I just fuck their crap on the ground and put mine in the bin. If anyone say’s anything I just say that’s not my rubbish, which it’s not. These people are just childish criminals but they are running the Country!

Eventually the housing association comes round and photographs all the rubbish lying around before cleaning it up but they ain’t said nothing to me yet which is probably just as well as I see them as part of the problem not part of the solution.

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  1. So they moved my bin out to a position where they could film it, presumably in the hope that I would dump their rubbish on the street. I had already decided to just keep my rubbish unhygenically in my house and just take the bin out to make sure their rubbish got emptied and take my rubbish out after it gets emptied. Anyway it is starting to look like like they want to fit me up for any little mistemeaner. I mean removing rubbish that they deliberately put in so I can get rid of my own rubbish warrants state bullying, isolation from my friends and family, poisoned food, intimidation etc etc? Really? Anyway their evil little scheme never worked, they really do think I am stupid. Why else would they move my bin into an intermediate position?

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