Renewal Date

So April the 19th is definitely a red herring date (thanks to Wheatfield calling her election on that date) with regards to when the Blackmail fueled prime ministerial powers (and reason for N Security powers to fix elections) that are being used against me get renewed.

All evidence now points to a two or three day window in the middle of June. This is based on events (that only I know about) that were happening about that time in 2009 when all this kicked off and it was soon after that when I started noticing stuff happening. Now it is 100% normal for everywhere to be cordoned off (ie no members of the public) when I go out just the usual group of (state) joggers and cyclists dressed like Chris Hoye, indeed I would find it strange if things seemed ‘normal’ now. Back then I didn’t know what the fuck was going on but yes that is when I started noticing. Also when in my car police started pulling out in front of me at junctions, sitting with blue light on in the hard shoulder then turning them off as I pass etc etc none of that stuff ever happened before mid June 2009.

Plus you have to assume that Theresa May could not renew the powers in 2017 because she had not won an election (no authority) there is just no other reason why she would have called that ill fated election. Due to the efforts trying to provoke me into starting a fight before she called the election, I am assuming that if I had committed a crime by assaulting that ex SAS provocateur May would not have had the election fixed against her and she would have got her large majority (that the polls predicted) so she or should I say the blackmailers could have stopped Brexit, (this Country is owe me way more than just a pint or two). So all that considered you have to assume that May left the calling of the election to the very last minute (in the hope of defeating me). Elections here are on a Thursday and her’s if I remember correctly was on the 8th of June, assume now that the following Thursday (15th June) give or take a few days to get sworn in again would be too late to renew.

Also David (crying in hid shed) Cameron called his Referendum on the 23 June knowing full well that he would need to resign if (thanks to me) he lost the referendum. Did he wait until after he renewed for that very reason?

Will BoJo who thanks to me has the authority to renew the powers as he has won (a rigged) election do just that? We will need to wait and see (or at least I will) If he caves into his puppet master (and the blackmailers) demands to renew, he will be vulnerable because as soon as he ‘gets Brexit Done’ the non blackmailed Royals will find a way to force an election and using their (my) powers can (assuming he’s up to the job) install Sir Keir in his place.

If he decides to not renew then he will probably enjoy a full term in number 10 and we will find out if my so called Father (and his friends) have the bottle to spill the beans about Charles or as I have been predicting he is just bluffing.

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