Reading Between The Lines

So now they are saying that this virus that may or may not exist (do you know anyone apart from Boris and P Charles that’s had it?) is no longer affecting older people so they don’t have to come up with arbitrary death rate figures. Now they are saying it is affecting younger people who are being ordered to stay indoors and not to congregate in large groups or risk being fined.

These are the exact groups of people who may want to protest (at the very least) if they ever found out that their Monarch to be is a child and or wife murderer (watch your back Duchess of Cornwall)…and that there democratic right to vote out dodgy leaders has been removed from them pretty much since you know who became blackmailed in the mid 80’s.

Our democracy is a joke apart from the fact that the Monarch has these powers to fix elections if there’s a blackmailed PM (or even a blackmailed Royal it seems) our first past the post system means that one of only two leaders (often Sirs) but anyway hand picked by the monarch of the day gets to be PM. We need proportional representation and proper oversight when this mess is over if this country is ever to recover! Oh yes and ALL the blackmailers need to face the stiffest of penalties so that no one can ever again be put through what I have (still am) being put through.

5th September 2020

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