Queens Speech

While I agree with most of the things that the Queen says, I’m afraid I just can’t agree with her assertion that Britons died in WW2 so the rest of us can be free. We are not free (and I am certainly not) We are being ruled by the people who through blackmailing her father forced us into a second war in half a century with our fellow Christian country Germany to weaken both our Countries (divide and conquer) so that they can rule both our countries (as well as the US) and with the help of that idiot Charles who just can’t learn the lessons of his relatives blackmail shame, we (once the most powerful people on earth) are still being ruled by these filthy bastards and their fucking adverts!

If you are wondering, why the rant. I just eat some pre-poisoned beefburgers from sealed packaging, bought from Morrisons supermarket. But never mind the propaganda, that is the sorry truth and someone has to speak out!

While I do not agree with what the Germans did to the Jews in the 30’s and 40’s, I do however now understand why they were doing it, it was in revenge for what they believed was the needless slaughter of millions of Christians at the hands of the Jews during WW1.

Who is the only person in the world to have dropped not one but two nuclear devices on innocent civilians? The person who took over after Roosevelts mysterious death. Harry H Truman. A man who’s heritage is (almost) impossible to find out about on the net, go on and try. I have worked it out though!

It is not just us that are being ruled by these people, in Germany Merkal (Christian dems) are in coalition with a socialist party that are shall we say dominated by victors of WW2.

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