Pure Poison

I had to go back to the supermarket earlier than usual today because of the shear amount of pre-poisoned food I had to throw in the bin at both my financial and health deficit, including Baxters soup, a tin of spam, a tin of Morrisons chicken jalfrezi curry stuff and two packs of pre-packed cold ham, it’s just getting ridiculous. If anyone doubts me please come round for a free unopened can of lovely (not) Baxters chicken broth soup.

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  1. Of course I should be able to take the can of soup round to the police but this is not some nutter going round poisoning supermarket food, it is impossible to get anything inside a sealed can of soup unless it’s done at the factory, then getting it onto the supermarket shelf before I arrive requires corrupt people with warrant cards so what’s the point in going to the so called police. Prince Charles is not only above the law, he owns it.

  2. Indeed, December 2017 when I was homeless in a tent in a forest, two uniformed policemen brought me round a Christmas food parcel, the first thing I tried made me violently sick forcing me to throw the rest away.
    How despicable is that?

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