Public Humiliation

When you are a political prisoner of a powerful and wealthy state like the UK, after a while of suffering state intimidation, bullying and humiliation, you tend not to venture out unless you have to. When in Perth, my home town in 2016-17 even the perimeter of the forest that I was holed up in was patrolled by state actors either jogging or on bikes.

So in the end I tended only to go out for essentials, the two biggest being to sign on at the JC where I would be intimidated there and back and humiliated by having children paraded in front of me when inside.

The other essential and regular journey was for food and water, there was no water source in the forest so I had to carry food and water about a mile from tesco out of town store about a mile away about every three or four days. When I went to the shop the route would be cordoned off ie no members of the public just state actors jogging, on bikes or walking dogs. When I got close to the shop they would set off a fire alarm (sounds like the school bell) and on the wall of the supermarket would be a blue light like on a panda car. They would switch the alarm off when I got level with the blue light every time.

This went on for months and you get used to it, with Perth being my home town I have a lot of mates there and they were clearly being prevented from helping me in any way. Anyway one morning I was heading to the supermarket and I could not hear the alarm, you get used to hearing it each time, when I got closer I could see that the blue light was not on either and when I arrived I saw that someone had threw a brick through tesco’s plate glass window. Now normally I would never condone criminal damage but when I saw the damage, I instantly knew that my mates were watching what this horrible Country was doing to me and they didn’t like what they were seeing.

They never used that blue light or alarm against me again.


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  1. It is terrible that someone like me who is a political prisoner of the British state has to go and beg from the very people who are bullying and intimidating me just to get enough money to survive. On many occasions I have forfeited my benefits entitlement, living on next to nothing to avoid the humiliation of signing on. The British public deserve to know what’s going on?

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