Pro European My arse

I do not believe for one minute that my country Scotland or N Ireland voted to stay in the EU, it is the power of blackmail. The SNP and Irish Gov respectively enforced that outcome. Also it is a total abuse of the N Security powers that the non blackmailed Royals are holding and that I am suffering so much to uphold, they clearly have powers to fix elections and referendums in the countries N Security interest but it’s an abuse to use them to protect one of their own especially when it is he (Charles) that is causing me so much suffering. I am not happy especially as I just got poisoned again with dodgy milk!

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  1. It is a hopeless situation while that prick is being blacvkmailed by the Irish and the Scottish separatists. Breaking up the UK to save his fucking arse is just so stupid, he will still be blackmailed after Scotland and N Ireland are gone and all his blackmailers are going to keep exploiting the prick, his crimes are so grave that he has to go. Then all the blackmailers, inc the SNP and my so called Father and Brother can be dealt with. Abdicate now Charles you shameless royal prick!

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