Prince Philip Mountbatten or is it Battenberg?

So I have always thought that lord Louis Mountbatten (forrmerly Battenberg) was related to the queen and that due to the fact that he (Mountbatten) had no real real Royal powers that the young (during the 70’s) Prince of Wales (Charles) must have been doing the dirty deeds against me back then but researching the issue, I find to my amazement that Prince Philip is the one who is related to Mountbatten, not the Queen???

Indeed Philip’s real name is Battenberg as his mother was called Alice Battenberg (they changed the name to Mountbatten in 1917 due to anti German sentiment) and that Philip’s mother (Alice) was in fact lord Louis Mountbatten’s sister! So it now seems to me that Prince Philip is not only propping up his blackmailed son (Charles) but he was also propping up his blackmailed Uncle back in the 1970’s at MY expense. Obviously my opinion of the (foreign) Duke of Edinburugh (my country not his) has changed dramatically. The good news there is that time is on my side!!

Here is the boring research for anyone who may be interested. (yawn)

"In 1917, King George V of the United Kingdom asked all of his family, and extended family to relinquish their German titles due to the anti-German feelings in the United Kingdom. For the Battenbergs, this affected Prince Louis and the family of Prince Henry, who had died 21 years earlier.  They gave up their Battenberg titles and took on the surname Mountbatten, the anglicized version of Battenberg.
The Mountbatten name continues today through the descendants of Prince Louis. Although his daughter Alice never took on the Mountbatten name, her son did. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, was born Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark. He gave up his royal titles upon joining the British Royal Navy and took on the name Philip Mountbatten. In 1960, Queen Elizabeth II issued an Order in Council declaring that her descendants, when needing a surname, would use Mountbatten-Windsor.

The Mountbatten name also continues through Prince Louis’s two sons, both as a surname and a title. His elder son George succeeded him as Marquess of Milford Haven and that title continues today with Louis’ great-grandson, also named George Mountbatten. Louis’ younger son, Lord Louis Mountbatten, later served as First Sea Lord like his father before him and became the last Vicroy, and first Governor-General, of India. He was later created Earl Mountbatten of Burma and died in 1979" (allegedly by an IRA bomb)

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