Prince Charles and Princess Diana

As a victim of Prince Charles’s blackmailers, including members of my own family I can get and have got away with making allegations about Prince Charles without any legal repercussion quite simply because it is true.

When Princess Diana was leaked information about her husband gets up to in his spare time with his friend Jimmy Savile, it was obvious that they would split as she is a right minded person. After they did split, Charles was obviously worried that she would spill the beans about himself and Savile so he started discrediting her by saying she had mental issues with Bulemia etc in the hope no one would believe her. Driven to despair with the knowledge she had, she eventually confided in her good friend Jill Dando. We know what happened to her.

Fearing for her life she fled to France, now I am absolutely qualified to talk and am probably the only person who truly knows what that poor woman was going through as I to was forced to flee by the exact same pursuer (Charles) in 2015 I fled to Ireland where they poisoned my food and I somehow escaped death by the skin of my non existant teeth.

Anyhow Diana fled to France and Charles and Britains new prime minister Tony Blair along with Sarkozy of France conspired to murder Princess Diana so that the truth about Charles could not leak from someone that the public would maybe believe and the rest as they say is history.

Well you may have managed to murder Diana Charles but I am still alive and I won’t think twice about bringing you down if I get even half a chance.

Charles Diana

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