Pretty Pattel

on: November 08, 2020, 11:15:12 AM

Well is your conscience not bothering you yet? (assuming you have one). In your capacity as home Sec. you will have the British Security Services at your beck and call and as such you will know about the (male) Royal’s long history of abusing children (as if it is their right). This sick tradition goes back centuries to when they used to send their ‘victims’ to far flung corners of their Empire so that if they told tales no one could here them. Now with modern technology that is not possible, so in a sinister twist, they preserve their god given right to abuse by getting their ‘people’ to make sure their ‘victims’ disappear so that they still can tell no tales about the filthy Royals. Unfortunately for the Royals, this can (and does) leave them wide open to the worst kinds of blackmail. ie they will do absolutely anything to anyone (me eg) or give away any amount of state money, assets, peerages, gov positions to anyone who is blackmailing or can be trusted to keep this monsterous secret, eh pretty. (can’t believe you force people to call you that). Good morning Mizz Pattel. oh never mind the formalities just call me pretty! aye right. Of course you are not alone,all home Secs  ,PMs since the mid 80’s have this state secret on their conscience as well as police chiefs like Dame Dick, her predecessors and probably others.

…and that is only relevant to our current sicko Prince Charles.


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