Prepare For Lockdown

So why did the oil price drop by 5%, now 6.5% after the SNP apparently blatantly fitted me up again today, simple really lockdown means less demand for oil (supply & demand) why lockdown?

Previously I mentioned that I was blatantly fitted up in 2009 by Alex Salmond. After they got their police powers they spent the next three months trying to split me up from my partner because they thought I would be more vulnerable on my own (I hope I’ve blown that myth out of the water!), they got her in hospital by injecting her during a routine blood test so she went yellow, they said overnight stay while they removed a gall stone. They had her in two months and she nearly died more than once, I ended up discharging her, they sent a nurse round to our house who persuaded me to let her take some blood, then injected her again so she was violently ill, back into hospital and so it went on. When she was out and recovered (September) we fled Scotland. I knew my so called father was behind it all but I did not then know the extent of his (blackmail) powers. We ended up in a place called Blackburn where we not only had to put up with Cameron and May but racism as well, you know you wot Jock? every time I opened my mouth and English people in kilts everywhere. I saw more people in kilts in the four years we were in England than I’ve seen in a lifetime in Scotland.

We were forced to move back to Scotland in the Spring of 2013. Salmond held his ill fated referendum in 2014 after a full on attack on me and my poor partner. The point is he never held the referendum while I was in England. Was he not allowed to?

Now little shit sturgeon has just (apparently) fitted me up again (not that I have ever been free). While lockdown restrictions are in force it is illegal for me to leave my area never mind move to England but if she eases lockdown restrictions you can bet your life I will fuck off to England some time before this referendum.

That is why I (and the oil markets) are saying prepare for further lockdown.

I say big deal, I am used to it, more so than anyone else and I have no intention of letting that little shit defeat me!

Of course I have a much bigger advantage this time. The last time I was just defending myself from an unjust attack, I had no idea until after the referendum that I held the magic key.

This time I know EXACTLY what’s going on and what the rules of engagement are, obviously I can’t stop them fitting me up but by the nature of it being a ‘fit up’, it has no relevance in law. I have not been near a court of law, in reality it is just an abuse of power and if little shit Sturgeon will forgive me for saying, she is no where near as ruthless as that dickhead Salmond, and no one is anywhere close to being as ruthless as I!

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