Premeditated State Murder

So these virus symptoms are back with a vengence, yesterday and today (but not dangerously so). The drone with the thermal imaging camera it would seem is to find out if I am still alive seeing as I have declared that I will not be seeking medical attention from the British State (NHS), no point when it is the British State who are clearly trying to murder me and deploying a drone in this way is an admission as far as I am concerned that this is a cold blooded premeditated plan to use the virus to take me out for political reasons.

I must be the most isolated person in the world and for the longest time so how come I appear to have caught about 5 or 6 different mutations of this virus. However I have fought them all off and I will fight this latest one off as well. I am angry about being targeted but I am NOT concerned about the symptoms.

The supermarket was deserted yesterday in contrast to the crowds the previous time (when I presumably was given the virus) clearly no one was wanting to catch it from me. Even the intimidatory security guard was missing

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