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Professor John Curtis, now he has the un-enviable job of trying to explain why in May 2010 the polls said that blackmailers friend Gordon Brown would win a majority but (thanks to me) the non blackmailed Royals forced (Charles stooge) Cameron into a coalition with teachers pet nick Clegg.

How in September 2014 the polls predicted that the SNP would win the independence Referendum leading to the break up of the UK but (thanks to me) they lost the Referendum.

How in May 2015 Cameron (Labour leader Milliband not just friend but an ally of the blackmailers) when the polls said he would lose, he under threat of (thanks to me) being forced into a coalition with Nigel Farage, agreed to hold an EU Referendum that (if he couldn’t defeat me) would lead to his downfall. He agreed on the proviso that he got a majority (so he could renew powers) and (thanks to me) a small majority was delivered. This led to several attempts on my life including a personal visit from PM Cameron to my forest near Perth in early March 20016 (in the hope I would assault him). Also from Prince Charles and Hilary Benn, (Charles Thames footpath near H. Court Palace late Oct 2015), yes he was hoping I would attack him so his protection officer could lawfully take me out but all the idiot did was show me his hand, he was instantly elevated from suspected source of my problems to proven source (it’s good to know what you’re up against). Blair’s mate Hilary Benn (Perth Feb 2016). Oh yes and the severe food poisoning event that I almost never survived in Dublin Sep 2015. If they (the Irish Gov) had succeeded to murder me or I suppose you could say assassinate because of my political status, Brexit would not have happened and that would have been in their (the Irish’s) interest .

How in 2017 Theresa May who was way ahead in the polls, then being told did not have the authority to renew the powers used against me (and her) unless she won a (rigged against her) election. This time, the non blackmailed Royals, thanks to a smart move by Tony Fucking Blair could not hand power to Labour because he put a hard left pacifist at the head of the Labour party. All they could do (thanks to me) was remove Cameron’s majority and force May into a coalition with the DUP.

This brings us up to date and Boris’s predicted majority (thanks to me) that he demanded to ‘get Brexit done’ (it, a large majority was also the only way to get shot of Corbyn) but unfortunately with this large majority, the blackmailers in his cabinet are running amok getting revenge for having Brexit forced upon them by ruining our (and everyone’s) economies with this fake virus thing.

This is a real game of chess ain’t it? With a proper queen who would get absolutely nowhere without me as her knight in shining armour, making all the moves without getting caught, if I had fallen at any of the above hurdles, history would have taken a completely different course.

Will I keep on calling them out, you can bet your fucking life!

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