Philip Battenburg

So what was the real purpose of can’t have your cake and eat it, Herr Battenburg’s recent stay in hospital?

Could it be that the non blackmailed royals, including the Queen (Mrs Battenburg) were willing to sacrifice one of their own (all be it one who has lived a long and privileged life courtesy of the British Tax payer) to force the blackmailers to renew the powers used against me so they (non blackmailed royals) can use me against the SNP? Meantime I am left to the mercy of the blackmailers, almost all my food is poisonous and…. it also makes me wonder why Herr Battenburg would be such an important asset to the blackmailers if he were merely just ‘propping up’ Charlie Battenburg?

As you can probably tell, I am more than just a bit angry at the whole situation due to the lack of consultation or consent on my part!

Clearly the Battenburgs need me more than I need them as they obviously can’t defeat the SNP (again) without my help!

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