Perpetual Isolation

You know it’s almost like my so called (psycho) father (with a little help from a blackmailed friend) has rigged it so that should these draconian restrictions on my liberty be lifted for cough cough whatever reason, I (with the rest of the population) would still be as isolated as I am now. You are not allowed to visit friends or relatives. You can’t go to the pub to celebrate as their all shut, you can’t leave this fucked up country because of travel restrictions, you are not even allowed outside without risking arrest. Wow. Anyway my restrictions are not (yet) lifted and if they were (to be lifted) there would need to be serious changes at the top. After that things would need to get back to normality and my so called Father and his co-conspirators will surely get some Justice at last. Especially if I have any say in the matter.

Blackmailing someone as powerful as you know who, my so called father could have been anything he wanted, billionaire, Father of a prime minister (move over Boris). Instead he chose to pick a fight with the only person in the world capable of defeating him.

What a fucking idiot!!!

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