Paying Attention

Yes I have been paying attention to the heartening words of HM The Queen as she is about the only person in the world (apart from myself) that I trust. The fact she has been protecting me (to the best of her ability) from her so called son and my so called Father is what qualifies that trust.

You just have to ask yourself who was it that has the power to get MI5 to protect me from being fitted up (back in 2004) from the corrupt police force. Here’s a clue. It wasn’t Tony fucking Blair or Prince Charles.

When the SNP tried to section me under the mental health act back in late 2015, I was released unconditionally less than 12 hours later. Why? Herr Sturgeon turned into a decent human being, I don’t think so. Fact is I don’t know for sure but if any psychiatrist in the land gets told to release one’s patient immediately (for National security reasons) or forget about working in the NHS. What would they do? Brexit would not have happened were I not at Liberty (of sorts)

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