Philip Battenburg

So what was the real purpose of can’t have your cake and eat it, Herr Battenburg’s recent stay in hospital?

Could it be that the non blackmailed royals, including the Queen (Mrs Battenburg) were willing to sacrifice one of their own (all be it one who has lived a long and privileged life courtesy of the British Tax payer) to force the blackmailers to renew the powers used against me so they (non blackmailed royals) can use me against the SNP?… Read More

Exoneration Or Is It?

So Herr Sturgeon has been exonerated of allegations that she misled parliament. It is no secret that I am no fan of Herr sturgeon but I would rather be up against her than Alex Salmond’s stooge john Swine-ee. Don’t be getting too cocky though Herr sturgeon, just because like me you defeated Alex Salmond doesn’t mean that if you are silly enough (like him) to try and use blackmail to enforce separation on the Scottish (and UK) population that you would find me quite such a pushover as Salmond was!… Read More

Prince Philip Mountbatten or is it Battenberg?

So I have always thought that lord Louis Mountbatten (forrmerly Battenberg) was related to the queen and that due to the fact that he (Mountbatten) had no real real Royal powers that the young (during the 70’s) Prince of Wales (Charles) must have been doing the dirty deeds against me back then but researching the issue, I find to my amazement that Prince Philip is the one who is related to Mountbatten, not the Queen???… Read More