Out Of The Shadows

All the rats that have been hiding in the sewers for the last year or so have suddenly just re-emerged, that cowardly prick Hilary (girls name) Benn who (personally) tried to murder me (with help from the British State) on behalf of bigger coward Tony Fucking Blair early in 2016 but despite this fact is still an MP representing the British people. Particularly smelly rat Theresa May that I have already talked about. Oh yes and original stooge and pro Israeli blackmailer Edwina Curry’s bit on the side yuk. John Major.

It is about time we stopped doing what is in Tony Blair’s interests and started doing what’s in the UK’s best interest. It is not our fault that Tony Blair never had enough foresight to see what the consequences of going along with Prince Charles’s hair brained scheme to silence princess Diana once and for all. You never considered that her two sons would be a bit miffed with your decision to sanction her cold blooded murder did you Blair? Charles could not have done it on his own as they were already estranged!

It is absolutely in Tony Blair’s best interest to keep child murder Prince Charles in his current position. Why? because the coward is shit scared of the prospect of King William. cowardly bullies like Blair are only tough when they have someone like Prince Charles to hide behind so that the likes of me can’t get near the prick. (metaphorically speaking) he’s the last person I’d want to be near!

10th September 2020

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