On Guard

When I went to Morrisons this morning, it was opened but they had a guard at the door (under the cctv) telling me sternly that they won’t be opening for another hour, then he gave me a row for putting my trolley back too (in his opinion) forcefully. Of course he was hoping I would attack him under the cctv (yawn) unfortunately for him I don’t suffer fools and I know the rules sure I can’t attack him under the cctv (or elsewhere) yawn but if he gives me lip I can and do return the favour in the full knowledge that I can and will defend myself if need be.

2017 this time of the year in the run up to May being forced to call her election mid April, the harrassment and intimidation was bad. Apart from the ex SAS guy provoking me to and from my tent, they had a barrel shaped bouncer in the JC, like a night club bouncer. The woman was giving me a hard time telling me to visit twice a week, I was plain refusing due to the harrassment and she was threatening to sanction me. I knew she couldn’t unless I missed an appointment (due to my political status) that’s why they intimidate me. Anyway she was saying Do you want me to take it upstairs? And I was saying but we are on the top floor, do you have people in the roof space? Then I became aware of the barrel standing over me, I said you are big but not that big, he moved back to his cctv spot. On the way out he said as a cheeky question not a concerned statement ‘are you alright?’ to which I quickly retorted not really but at least I am not obese. Man his face went pure red. Of course I knew he wasn’t allowed to attack me under the cctv as not only would he found out that I am not his average punter but he would have also (on my insistence) got the sack.

So I was forced to go to the smaller Tesco which was even smaller due to shortages making my chances of getting something poisonous higher. Need to taste test everything.

One advantage of this virus though with regards to me is that I don’t need to keep saying excuse me all the time, I just cough and my path miraculously clears.

As for the ex SAS (same age as me) guy apart from chasing me down the road with a big dog on a leash ( I was able to out run him) the next time he showed with his dog, I was armed with a large walking stick, he wasn’t chasing me again. I would have took the dog out but he (wisely) backed off. When without his dog he was coming right into my personal space and challenging me to start a fight, I assume he had a body cam or something as no cctv at that location. I was having none of it just telling him that ‘I will defend myself if attacked’

It would have been interesting to see how military training faired against real life fighting for your life self defence experience. Apart from the policeman who wrongly thought he could use his hendon training to twist my arm up my back after storming through my door with no warrant. I have had boxers and black belts (they always warn you, I am a black belt in karate) who thought (for a fee) they could easily beat me up. No, karate is a non contact sport, self defence can only be learned by people who mean you harm actually attacking you and believe me at first they really do (cause you harm) I learned the hard way, including several hospitalisations, now I can and have taken on and won against people twice my size and even on one occasion three at once, in a bar wild west style.

One day I went in to a chippie, ordered food. Only one door, then two guys (known to me) both twice my size came in and one just punched me in the face and said ‘don’t say a word or you’ll get another, after a quick assessment, I was worried no way out apart from the door that both guys were between it and me. Then he done a really silly thing, he turned to his mate and started bragging that he had just humbled me by that time I had a self defence reputation and only the biggest guys would take me on. Seeing an opportunity with his back to me I thought no choice but to give all I’ve got so I took a full blooded swing moving forward to maximise my kinetic energy when his mate noticed me and tipped him off, he turned round at just the right time as my punch lifted him clean off the ground (despite his weight) and right out the door where he lay unconcious. I could hear sirens, the Chinese must have phoned so I made my break out the door, the other (big) guy said, I don’t wan’t to fight you but if you kick him when he’s down I will have to, I said look I never started no fight and disappeared before the feds arrived. I heard no more about it but a week later I walked into a bar and here was this guy sitting having a pint with my so called Brother. The penny was slowly dropping.

There are just too many examples, when my son was about seven he was playing outside with his mates and I was keeping an eye out the window when I noticed them arguing with a man on a bike, then the guy slapped my son across the face, like proper, he came running up the stairs crying and I went down and no questions punched him clean off his bike out into the middle of the road, I remember buses were having to stop etc. Then the police came and charged me with assault, you know all that you don’t have to say anything crap, well I did say something, I said I want the guy charged with assaulting my son. He soon dropped the charges and for once justice was actually done. Because that (like everything else) was deliberate.

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