Norway: No link established after post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths, says health authority

‘Norway has stressed that there was no established link between the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and the deaths of elderly people who had been vaccinated.’

What did I tell you? They have introduced at least two new strains of this virus, deliberately in an bizzar attempt to take me out. They have deliberately changed it so my antibodies (or the vaccine) from the original strain will no longer work and if my suspicions are correct, they (evil bastards) have made it more powerful (again hoping to take me out) and lots more innocent people including those already vaccinated are going to die, just so crazed madman Tony Blair and Prince Charles can escape Justice for the crimes they have committed.

…and guess what, I am still alive, just how many failed attempts have there been on my life? Mostly from or with assistance from the British State. Literally dozens, it must be some kind of a record. Oh yes and one attempt (very close to succeeding) by the Irish state. The next closest to succeeding was when my so called sister (little judas) deliberately gave me about a thousand magic mushrooms in a cup of tea. She would have got away with it too as she never forced me to take them but at that time I trusted my so called sister to only give me the 40 I asked for! A poisoned Scotch pie from Tesco March 2016 that almost killed me is next on the list and then a deliberate overdose of morphine when I landed up in a NHS hospital with a broken ankle. This story is elsewhere, briefly, they put screws in my ankle (still there) then put a plastocast tight against the ankle so I was in so much pain I would be screaming for relief, then they made me sign a disclaimer before administering an overdose, I had to fight to stay awake as I knew if I went to sleep…

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