Norman Baker

I just got a podcast sent to my email address from a Republican outfit that I know has links to the blackmailers, they seem to be the blackmailers weapon that they use to intimidate the Royals if they (especially Charles) can’t or won’t do as he is told.. It is an interview with a Lib Dem politician called Norman Baker, you can listen to it here. Anyway Baker is a friend and former colleague of blackmailers friend Nick Clegg who now works for facebook, nuff said.

So during the interview he slags off the Queen for being a bit disinterested while pulling another curtain at another opening event. After 60 years that would piss me off too, he slags off the national anthem for being too Monarchist and anti Scottish. (guess where I come from?) Then he goes on to slag Charles off for having too many titles and medals that he neither earned nor deserves (sounds familiar) at no time does he even hint at the real problems with Charles. Then he goes on to slag King Edward (the one that was forced to abdicate for the wrong reasons during the 30’s) of being a Nazi. Perhaps he just didn’t like the people who blackmailed his relative into starting the first world war. Oh yes and he ruled Prince William out of the top job because he is ‘boring’ Yawn. If only Charles was boring, we wouldn’t be in this mess!

It should be stressed that I am not a republican, Prince Charles is not the Monarchy, he is a bad egg that is being used against me and that is not on and I will never stop trying to bring him down (actually it’s the blackmailers who need bringing down but that’s impossible while Charles is in their pocket), not because he is Royal but because he is a weak, blackmailed waste of space who thought he could just trample all over my human rights without recourse. Bringing down the Monarchy is not my aim but I have to bring down Charles so that I can be free and if I have to bring down the whole Monarchy to achieve that or if I feel I haven’t been properly rewarded and compensated for what I have been put through by the British state, then yes, given half a chance I will bring their rule to an abrupt end. This is bigger than any scandal that has ever happened throughout history period. There must be loads of people who know what’s going on but no one is saying a word….yet!!! It only takes one domino!!!!

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