Non Arrival

So the PC that I paid £100 for from Ebay was supposed to arrive yesterday (Tuesday) but it has still not arrived at close of play today (Wednesday), not really that bothered as my laptop still works at best the so called authorities have kept it back because they are like Children who like to play games or at worst they are altering it. I am not stupid I have images and specs of how it should be, I know what motherboard it has (and it’s part number), I know which processor it has (i5 third Gen), I know what RAM it has, I even know the make and model of the HD so if changed in any way, I will know. The seller is already getting negative for late arrival, I am yet to make a decision about the ‘as described’ bit!

However the monitor that I ordered at the same time arrived yesteday but it has been sprayed with that ‘breathing’ irritant that they put on my furniture and the invisible (barking) dogs are out in force as I have the window opened to let the fumes out. Evil bastards!