No Libel

I just want to remind that dickhead that came on to my forum and said I imagined getting poisoned (fancy a crisp dickhead) and that I shouldn’t be saying things about his (or her) nice first minister and his (or her) favorite Royals.

There are laws in this country called Libel laws and it would be a criminal offence to come on a publicly available platform like this and say things (especially allegations of unlawful wrongdoing) about people if it is not true especially if they are wealthy or influential enough to prosecute. IE they would be willing to deny it under oath, you can go to jail for it (it’s why they try to trick me into saying something libelous). I say these things because they are true. I know these people can’t or won’t deny these allegations under oath because they are true and the British security services know it’s true. That is why I have never been arrested or questioned about the things I say on here. They are all truthful and I would just love the opportunity to repeat them under oath (and fine they know it).

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