No Change

So the 15th deadline has been and gone and as fully expected, the blonde perfect example of incompetence and his sidekick, not so pretty Pattel have decided that the suppression of Prince Charles’s filthy secrets are far more important than my liberty. That’s ok once the symbol of baffonery gets Brexit done, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the real powers that be, with a little help from me, Jonson’s incompetence and economic circumstances brought about by the Corona Virus to cut the un-elected puppets strings once and for all!

The good news is that (thanks to paypal) I got my money back from Nelly the Elephant’s hosting company that thought they could just make a fool of me, then blatantly rip me off. (When will they learn?)

Most bullies have the gumption to pick on someone shall we say less able to defend themselves but I guess these bullies never got the chance to choose their victim as I was (through blackmail) thrust upon them, unfortunately for them I just ain’t the type to roll over and die, more the sort of person who will fight to the death!

Is it true that the Americans call a baffoon a Bozo (rhyming slang)? Hehe