No Angel

So after this vote it seems there is going to be winners and losers, I know who the losers are eh Mrs May. Add to that Boris is reducing the amount of people aloud to congregate from 30 to just 6? Could it be that the (bad) losers are going to do the unthinkable and spill the beans about me and the blackmail but do they have the bottle, I doubt it but we will wait and see but my lord you (and your cronies) ain’t no angels Mrs May and I will be making sure ALL the people that have been blackmailing are exposed and especially those who have been mistreating me to protect their blackmail victim and you Mrs may are near the top of my list. I rather doubt if you have enough money to silence me, even your mate suckerburger would be struggling to find the cash! Once I am properly compensated, I will be rivaling him anyway and if I were you Mrs May (yuk) I would be more worried about the Hague .

9th September 2020

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