No 10 fishing offer to EU raises hopes of Brexit deal before Christmas

‘UK negotiators reduce demand for EU catch reduction, potentially unlocking sticking point in talks. Downing Street has made a major counter-offer on fishing access for EU fleets in British waters to break the Brexit trade talks deadlock, raising hopes of a deal before Christmas.After a difficult period of negotiations, with both sides seemingly entrenched, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, is understood to have tabled a proposal that could unlock the troubled talks’

There are also reports that Boris Yeltsin phoned von der lyon last night soon after I indicated on here that I would not be eating my potentially poisoned eggs.

It is just fucking ridiculous that a Brexit trade deal appears to hinge on whether these evil criminals are able to murder me…or not.

Oh yes and there is the cheese I got from farmfoods, normally I test a little crumb but under the circumstances that is going in the bin unopened too.

On the plus side the randomly bought milk I got from farmfoods has passed all tests and is already semi consumed with none of the excruciatingly painful but (as of yet) non lethal symptoms of deliberately poisoned dairy products.

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