Nicola Sturgeon wants indyref2 ‘early in next parliament’

on: November 26, 2020, 11:35:10 PM

‘Scotland’s first minister says a referendum should be held “in the earlier part” of the next Scottish Parliament.’

…but what are you going to do about me little miss thorn in my side?  carry on trying to bully me into submission between now and then like your predecessor tried (and failed) to do or do the right thing and set me free by shopping your blackmail asset Prince Charles? …and assuming that you fail to murder me (like you have already been trying to do, latest attempt being the maskless housing girl at my door?) then how are you going to silence me because give me half a chance and I will bring you (and your SNP cronies) down for what you have so far done to me (and Mandy)…and you certainly could not afford to buy me off, unless of course your multi Billionaire Pro Israeli blackmail muckers were to chip in?

You are an evil woman Nicola and evil people must not be allowed to govern!

Actually I could have insisted that she wear a mask but as I can’t get the vaccine because there is no way (with my political status) I could allow a state actor to inject an unknown substance into my bloodstream, I decided to take my chances with this so called virus (given the 1% mortality rate) in exchange for some antibodies.

…but that is not the point, you had bad intent on your little mind when you deliberately sent that young girl round here to infect me with the virus after thinking you had done enough to weaken me by poisoning and gassing, or whatever was you have been putting on or in my state donated sofas that was causing me breathing difficulties. You got me in 2015 at C Angus for sure, I had to leave that house and make myself intentionally homeless again because I could not breathe, then you tried the same trick at N stewart enabling me to work out that the (state owned) sofa as that was temporary housing was the common denominator, luckily there was an upstairs bedroom to hang out in that house, then at Stranraer yet another (social fund) sofa that caused breathing issues, by then I had, still have my own cushions to use and the breathing issues are just a bad memory. You are still evil though!

Oh yes and your evil game at the supermarket, blocking my card, forcing me out to the cash machine so you could swap my cheese. I had a tiny crumb and it gave me a sore stomach, if I had had a normal amount on a sandwich eg, that on top of the virus may well have killed me you evil little witch. Luckily for me, I am not only strong physically but also strong mentally!

The cheese is still here for all you doubting Thomas’s, I dare you to have some! Of course unless you are a state actor you won’t be allowed within a mile of me or my cheese.

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