Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

I heard on the News that my fellow (Iranian) political prisoner has been released from house arrest, although she is not free to leave the Country that betrayed her for at least another week. Coincidentally that is the eve of the anniversary that Hancock told the HOC’s that people should stay at home due to COVID even though Charles’s puppet Lord snooty never made it official until the 23rd March. Although, I (obviously) do not approve of this woman’s detention for political reasons, I do understand Iran’s need to protect itself from the (British) pro Israeli blackmailers.

I on the other hand am still very much under house arrest with zero chance of fleeing the Country that has betrayed me. Indeed, there are fireworks exploding outside right now and apparently from next week I will be closely monitored by drones with thermal imaging cameras until one in the morning. That is on top of all the other surveillance that I am continuously under.

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