Namecheap criminal Activity

So I tried to transfer my personal domain out of namecheap to a European registrar where (hopefully) the sad Yanks can no longer interfere. To transfer a domain you have to update something called an ISP tag to the one owned by the new registrar, in this case it is from RE (namecheap) to EPAG-DE (new registrar) something that should happen instantly allowing the domain transfer to happen as soon as you pay a transfer fee. Namecheap are blatantly blocking the tag change (see screenshot) which has to be a criminal offense as they are effectively forcing me to stay with them and pay whatever price they choose. (although the real reason is political). When I contacted their support they say there is a bug in their system and it will probably transfer within 5 days. Hmm we shall see. Unfortunately I made the mistake of transferring this domain to another US based registrar and I can’t transfer it again for 60 days. In my defence it is almost impossible to find a domain registrar that is not US, UK or Ireland based unless you are fluent in weird languages. Even the likes of if you dig deep enough you will find out they are in actual fact owned by fucking Royal subordinates in Australia.

. Also after I contacted Namecheap support (without my VPN as they block it) I could not connect to this website until after I changed my DNS servers yet again.

If I do get my domain shifted, this site will be moving to there (with a redirect) as the only theory I have left is that the (US) registrar is stopping my domain from working properly everything else has been tried and tried again. Hopefully that is why the transfer is being blocked They never blocked this domain from being transferred to another US registrar (despite my doubts). Failing that I will transfer this domain (which uses a different system as it’s .com) in less than 60 days time. Failing that I will buy a new domain, my determination should never be underestimated. The writing just has to be on the wall for these evil criminals that appear to be running most of the world.