Name and Shame

I am not going to talk about where I am at with computer security for obvious reasons but I am happy to talk about where I have been. Windows, the only non linux distro developed and owned by microsoft oh dear don’t use it, android (it is a linux derivative) but not open source (google own the code), use it only in the full knowledge that google can see and hear everything. Mac is also a linux derivative and like android (and windows) it’s closed source code this time owned by apple.

Canonical a British company (with clear links to the security services), they own the development and update rights to the popular so called open source linux debian derivative called Ubuntu. Don’t use it or any software that relies on it (like Linux mint). The base linux distro called Debian is however open source (no one owns it and anyone with a big enough brain can examine and even suggest improvements to the code), more than that I cannot say at this time.

Of course the so called security services can’t go after everyone, but the fact that they could if they wanted to should be a concern to everyone. The above mentioned distributions except debian and others like centos cover about 99.9% of computer users.

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