Naked Humiliation

Looked out of my window this morning an no joke there was a naked woman going about her normal business behind a (cutainless) window opposite me…and there lies the problem with capitalism, for a few crumbs the (mostly male) capitalists can get the (mostly female) peasants to do almost anything, no matter how humiliating.

At least she was doing her own dirty work so to speak, it is the ones who are quite happy to use (or abuse) their children in that manner to earn a crumb or two that really annoy me but when you think about it, that (to get me annoyed) is the intention of these extremely evil people.

For example, when heading back to my tent along a single lane track, there was a pram with a child in it and no parents to be seen, there was no way of getting past without moving it, so I had no choice but to wait (for about ten minutes) for the parents to return (or double back and take a 45 minute detour) The guy didn’t like the dressing down (and the insults) he got from me in front of his wife about not putting his child in potential danger to earn a buck but he knew I was bigger than him (and I had the right of self defence) so he just had to take it on the chin.

As a father who brought up two children on his own (against the odds, my son is just as illegitimate as me in the eyes of my sick in the mind so called father), you just know that no parent would leave a child unattended and no right minded parent would want to make money out of their children, especially if there is risk involved.

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