Most Dangerous blackmailers

So which blackmailers are more dangerous to the UK? The Germans, the Chinese, the Pro Israeli blackmailers or indeed the Scottish Separatists?

The Germans as the Pristina incident, the animosity with Russia, the difficulty leaving the EU and now as I see it the biological warfare that is COVID 19 followed by vaccine wars, misinformation about clots etc. Proves that Germany is out for revenge for what the Pro Israeli blackmailers did (with cohersed help from UK and US) during WW1 & 2. I sympathise with Germany with regards to their (and our) losses during those needless conflicts but that ain’t the British people’s fault. The fault lies squarely with the pro Israeli blackmailers and the Royal prats that they were blackmailing, so back off Germany or you will lose the confidence of me and Pro British people like me! The Scottish Separatists, they are pissing in a force 10 gale.

China, they have Hong Kong back and space to grow their economy, otherwise they don’t seem much of a threat to me.

The Pro Israeli blackmailers, they in my opinion are the most dangerous of all. Apart from leaving us that regrettable legacy of WW1 & 2 they (thanks to blackmail) have infiltrated every nook and cranny of British (and US) Society, like I’ve said before, I don’t see anyone called ‘Fritz’ or ‘ping-pong’ round our cabinet table but presently there are at least two, Rabb & Gove, (Pattel is in some shady friends of Israel grouping) Pro Israeli blackmailers and in the recent past there have been countless Pro Israeli Ministers, especially Foreign Secs for such a small minority grouping. let me list recent Pro Israeli Foreign Secs. Rabb, D. Milliband, J. Straw, M Beckett, M. Rifkind. We have the other Milliband Leader of her Majesty’s opposition as well as M. Howard and H.Harman. Our parliamentary committees are riddled with Pro Israeli blackmailers as is our media AKA Rupert Murdoch, lord Sugar, Martin Lewis etc etc.

To summarise Germany are dangerous as they appear to be out for revenge although we can look after ourselves but Charles HAS to go, he and previous blackmailed Royals are like a heavy weight round this Country’s neck, just compare the UK at the end of Victoria’s reign to how we are now, the blackmailed royals have given it all away to the blackmailers! It HAS to stop . The Israeli’s are much much more dangerous as they not only want to but are absolutely succeeding to dominate,rule us and force their (biased towards them) commercial mantra upon us, that is just not on, in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!

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