Morrisons Misery

So I was blocked from Morrisons again forcing me to go to the smaller shop founded by someone called Alex Cohen, where they tried (again) to get me to go through the manned till but I refused. nothing can be swapped with self serv till..

This time they had two guards (was it something I said?) actually they are undercover police as I saw one of them at the Station when I wasted my time complaining about their colleague who attacked me on my bike. They said the first hour is for NHS staff only. I have nothing against NHS staff but I do have a grudge against corrupt politicians who should be answerable to the electorate but instead hide behind the official secrets act. Oh and bent coppers who do their dirty work.

I just told them that political prisoners have to eat as well and that 7.AM is the safest time for me to restock.

Guaranteed that if I shopped at 8AM, the NHS hour would be 8AM-9AM

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