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As far as I am concerned, it is me who is responsible for making sure two of Britain’s most corrupt prime minister’s were also the two shortest serving prime ministers in history. I am talking about Gordon Brown and Theresa May. David Cameron was a tougher nut to crack due to the fact the blackmailers had one of their own as leader of (our) Labour Party! Hey I got there in the end though. Unfortunately we have Cameron Mk2 in Downing Street though but the blackmailers and their so called victim are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now and I have a feeling that (shortest serving PM) record will be broke again and without too much input from me either!

Here’s some trivia. Has there ever been a Christian person with British roots as leader of any one of Israels main political parties? Answers on a postcard! Do you think there ever will be? Has or will there ever be such a person as Israel’s foreign secretary, how come we have had several of there guys as UK as foreign secretary, including the incumbant setting foreign policy that is in the interests of a foreign Country (Israel) instead of what’s in the UK’s interest. It has to stop, I mean it just HAS to!

Britain is a shameful defeated country being run by a bunch of foreign blackmailers, shame on US!

Oh yes and have I mentioned the good old USA, shame on them as well!

I watched (part) of a film recently about the true story of an American hero who was managing to avoid capture during the Bosnia conflict but the part of the senior commanding officer aboard the aircraft carrier was being played by an actor called Gene Hackman and despite the gripping story I had to switch it off because every time I saw Hackman I was reminded who is really running America, shame, shame, shame!