More Provocation

So occasionally I open my window to feed a lame seagull chick that has a broken leg and can’t feed itself, as I am under surveilance they are obviously aware of this so today when I opened my window a young female neighbour suddenly appears and starts putting noisy bottles in my bin. Of course I know it’s a deliberate provocation and ignore her and just report the incident to the so called housing association, who as usual say they will send out letters to everyone and hey status quo again.

If I was deliberatly putting crap in her bin, I know that I would be subject (quite rightly) to the full force of the law, but it seems anyone can do anything to me because Prince Charles says so!

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  1. Not only that but thanks to her my bin is now full to the brim again with other peoples rubbish forcing me to store my refuse unhygienically in my house again.

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