More Police

That Bent copper friend of Prince Charles Dame Dick (head) or whatever her name is says she wants to recruit extra police including retirees and stop serving ones retiring (COVID-19 age group?) . It is all very strange, the way I see it we have a frightened but placid population that are shit scared of catching this virus while following (non elected) Bojo’s advice to stay locked up in homes? Like a Curfew.

So why all the extra police? Are they expecting trouble? Is the truth about me and Princess Diana going to out at last? If so why are they still poisoning my pot Noodles???

Am I not frightened of Dame Dick I hear you ask? No she does not outrank the Queen (if she did or should I say if Charles did, I would be in the tower of London by now) so Charles must never become King!!!

At least Brady (Mountbatten) and Black (Charles) committed crimes (trafficking children for those two monsters) I have committed no crimes. It is just easier for Charles to persecute me on behalf of his blackmailer(s) than pay for his monsterous crimes.

Yes the Angelic Dame Dick MUST know about these crimes that in my opinion makes her bent passed the point of straightening (as well as all recent PM’s inc BOJO).

Theresa May was carefully chosen not only because she is an evil witch but also because she has no children and obviously no maternal revulsion for Charles’s crimes. Sick people running a sick Country.

I mean what do Brady and Black have in common? (missing children) who could not afford to get accused of anything by survivors of abuse? Is it just me that’s brainy enough to work this stuff out or is it just me that has the bottle (and moral obligation) to speak out. Well I guess I do not have much to lose now do I? Actually no, I am 99.99% sure that not only did Princess Diana find out what her husband get’s up to in his spare time but that she absolutely did feel that she had the moral obligation (and courage) to speak out. What happened to her (and the fact that he is well worth blackmailing) is the real reason that no one else (other than me) has spoken out yet!

The thing that amazes me is that Mountbatten was being blackmailed all through the 60’s and 70’s (including by my Father) until a solution (fake assasination) was found. Charles must have been involved in that stuff yet he learned no lessons from it and went ahead and committed the exact same crimes as his Uncle using exactly the same MO. Then was surprised to find that he was also blackmailed for the same crime as his Uncle (not sure I want someone that dense as head of state anyway) only unlike his Uncle Charles’s is heir to the throne making his blackmail value a million times worse.

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