More On Pristina

So who was blackmailing who back then and why? I know who it is (apart from Charles) but without hard evidence no point in speculating, just read between my lines. The main players back then were Charles, obviously, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

As it was the UK and the US that were being pitted against Russia, you have to rule out the pro Israeli blackmailers as they (eg during WW2) are allies of Russia. So in who’s interest is it that the UK, US and Russia take each other out? Taking history and Germany’s humiliating defeat at the hands of these three powers, you would need to conclude that they were behind the Pristina incident but blackmail HAD to be an issue, we ain’t going to pick a nuclear fight with Russia for fun! No wonder there are emergency National Security powers in force but why fucking me? I mean imagine what would have happened if Hilary Clinton had won in 2016? The world apparently has me to thank for stopping that happening, just don’t blame me for Trump, that was the Pro Israeli blackmailers taking advantage of the chaos caused by this blackmail mess, just like Blair did when Major was ‘removed’ from power. The only proper solution is to name and shame the powerful perverts, will also act as a deterrent! Why should we all die in a nuclear holocaust to protect the reputation of a couple of blackmailed perverts????

It was also happening again under Obama and Cameron, remember the Russian bombers repeatedly flying down UK and US coasts.

Now we have another democrat and now Hilary Clinton annoying me?

So to surmise an un-named democrat is being blackmailed by Germany (Really Dangerous) and the Pro Israeli’s appear to have un-natural influence over the Republicans (and Charles).

What a fucking mess all because of a couple of powerful perverts??

I should also add that this new democrat president is going after Russia already AKA Nalvalny! …and where did Nalvalny emerge from? You got it, Germany!

Britain and the US (with or without Russia) are way stronger than Germany but letting them exploit blackmailed perverts? Get real!

Russia can’t rely on the UK or the US to name and shame these perverts because of who they are. It is surely in Russia’s interest now to do just that and avoid a catastrophic conflict. Well Mr Putin, ball is in your court!

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