More Childish Games

At 1:00PM I switched my transistor radio on to BBC Radio 4 as usual for the latest propaganda only to be greeted with white noise instead. Clearly they had switched my FM transmitter off so I couldn’t hear the news.

Either they are just abusing their power in a losers tantrum or there is something on the news that they don’t want me to hear, I thought.

So I tuned into Radio 4 on the internet to see what I was missing. Fuck all, just the usual crap about Covid and lockdowns.

I was however amused to hear that someone had brought down google. 1.8 billion gmail accounts down?

I mean just how gullible is the human race? You don’t get nothing for free! Google has administrative access to each and every gmail account and yes they can and do read your emails, received and sent. That is why they have trash and sent folders so they don’t miss any. Why would google be interested in your emails, I hear you say. They may not but the US (and UK) govs most certainly would. In fact I bet they pay google to keep gmail free!

If you must use gmail crap remember they can’t read your unread emails or you would know it’s been opened, they can only read your read emails, including the ones in trash, so delete immediately after reading and don’t forget to empty trash. As for sent emails, just empty the sent folder. They don’t read your mail as it travels at the speed of light through cables. This is what they do.

Well they probably can if you are a high value target (like me) but otherwise no.

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