Minister defends David Cameron as ‘a man of integrity’

Oliver Dowden says he “has no doubt” the ex PM “behaved properly” in his dealings with a banker.

Oh dear, I do like a chuckle, it helps to beat the under house arrest blues.

What’s wrong Mr Shed? Worried that if you can’t get me to breech libel laws that your past may catch up with you? You know what they say, you only reap what you sow! …and you couldn’t trip me up as PM, what chance do you have as a man in a shed?

“Our brave special forces do a wonderful job of keeping this country safe” (against an innocent and unarmed civilian) Of course they do Mr Shed, it is the politicians who asks them to intimidate an innocent civilian on his way to a pre-arranged visit at the job center on behalf of a blackmailed Royal that are the cowards!

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