Merry Christmas

To anyone who may want to see me but are barred from doing so by a fat psychotic blackmailing nonce.

Have faith, I WILL defeat the prick and his associates! I am younger fitter, stronger, smarter than him or his fucking prodigal son, Judas. The latter adjective also applies to the pricks prodigal (backstabber of a) daughter. Re Ginger nut etc. The only reason they historically ‘appeared’ to be able to outsmart me was because, they had my unrequited trust, why would they not? I would never have dreamt of stabbing a family member in the back and had no reason to believe it would happen to me but hey, it did, it has. Now I am fully reconciled with what has happened and what needs to be done about it! The brave thing would have been for all of us to stand up to the fat coward, you chose to sacrifice me to save your own skins and or to feather your own nests. Well no one can accuse me of cowardice, I will and am fighting him, his associates and his blackmail victims right up to and including Royalty, I will never give in. If I could give those two cowards a Christmas present it would probably be Motorhead’s Bomber Album. Track three is a cracker.

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