Manipulation Of a Corrupt State

So I decided to go to the shops this morning in the hope of getting enough food to last me until Brexit day on January 1st but when I got to Morrissons at 8.0AM the cash machine refused to give me any cash, just saying transaction aborted and I couldn’t risk going round the shop only for my card to be declined like happened previously.

So I went round to Tesco (normally opens at 8 on Sunday) which also has a cash machine and this one worked but the shop was closed, staff were there but they would not open the door.

Across the road was a farmfoods which normally don’t open until 10:30 on a Sunday but it was opened and I went in, however amid the confusion and it being the wrong shop I ended up with stuff I didn’t need and without stuff I do need so unfortunately I will need to go to the shop again before Brexit day.

I should however hopefully have enough food to last until after the Commons vote on whatever Brexit deal gets agreed.

With hindsight however, there is a very real chance that I was deliberately lured into the (small) farmfoods by the corrupt and blackmailed British state, so I need to be really careful about what I am eating.