Lunatics Still In charge

…of the assylum. I put France24 news channel online at 1.00PM to see the latest crap about US stooge Trump. I was using the same DNS server as last night and the screen was flickering all over the place, unwatchable. So I changed my DNS server and it worked perfect.

This situation will not change with Biden, it is just another battle won in a long war. The war will not be won until the unelected piece of shite that is Prince Charles is gone for good.

Just my opinion but in the 1930’s King Edward thought he could take on these same blackmailers on his own but failed miserably. Why because the blackmailers were clearly in charge of the Whitehouse. I am going to assume that thanks to me, it is getting done properly this time, getting the bastards out of the Whitehouse before William takes over.Boy in the meantime a lot is being asked of me. I just hope it’s appreciated!

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