Lord Sumption

So for the last couple of nights there has been an ex supreme court judge on the radio, moaning about Boris being a totalitarian like Pinnochi or someone saying he doesn’t like losing any of his liberties his Christmas may get spoiled. That I (and others) should go on youtube (is that rhyming slang?) and listen to his lecture! No thanks.Try being me Mr Sumption for a while? I have not seen (or heard from) my daughter or grandson since this all kicked off in 2009. I have relatives here in Stranraer that I know for a fact have been trying to get to me since well before Covid but are barred by the security services. You and your colleagues at the supreme court Mr Sumption are supposed to be the ultimate guarantor that no prime minister or Royal can remove all human rights from a citizen for political reasons (because they are blackmailed) but you have absolutely failed. So don’t be offended when I take anything you say with a generous pinch of salt!

on: October 28, 2020, 10:49:24 PM

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