LBC Radio Controlling Britains Conversation

Just had that patronising little prat O Brian on LBC playing the blackmailers game inbetween humiliating his callers that he doesn’t agree with. Ironic thing is the blackmailers not only control his ilk on the left who want to remain, they also control the likes of Farage and even through Charles people like Rees mogg.

That is why the whole Brexit thing is so confusing. To simplfy it, the (Pro Israeli) blackmailers want Britain to stay in the EU against her will so we can veto plans for an EU army and other federal stuff. Farage is their wrecking ball causing trouble from within and if we were to leave he would be unemployed, how ironic is that.

No deal is their plan B if they can’t force us to stay in then leave on bad terms and become a competitor.

My job appears to be to not only to defeat the blackmailers but to ensure we leave the EU on good terms preferably with a deal. However the blackmailers are extremely powerful mainly because of who they are blackmailing, which is why I am really struggling to survive with poisoned food state harrasment, isolation, virtual imprisonment and all the rest of it.

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