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Sometimes I (covertly) listen to (blackmailer owned) LBC Radio to like get a blackmailers eye view of the world. I say covertly because as soon as they twig that I am tuned in they get the presenters (and people who phone in) to talk about all sorts of weird and not so wonderful stuff. People who pay attention will know I’ve commented on this periodically. There is one presenter on a Friday and Saturday night at 10:PM that I sometimes covertly listen to as he also gets told by his bosses to start going on about period poverty and stuff like that, forcing me to switch off. Anyway he has a similar cynical outlook as myself when not being controlled by his bosses but he doesn’t have much of a clue (like most people) what’s really going on. A while back after getting rumbled he said something abstractly disparaging about me, so I emailed him a link to this blog through LBC’s contact form thinking it would get filtered out long before it reached him. However someone (other than my father’s stooges) has been checking on what I have been saying (don’t ask how I know as I wouldn’t tell you) plus comments he has made on his show… anyway on last nights show he says that two letter clue can only mean BT cut his broadband TV and phone off citing a drop in network speed as the reason, he (the presenter) says he never noticed a problem and it took him 45 mins to get through to them only to be told it will be a fortnight before they think the problem will be solved. Also he says his mobile signal has disappeared so no phone, mobile internet TV. Anyway the mystery person was having a good look around in here this morning (on a mobile). Clearly there is always going to be a mobile signal somewhere but could be a clue as to the lengths these criminals are going to to stop people finding out what’s really going on.

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