Last Night’s Propaganda

on: October 15, 2020, 12:48:17 PM So the (blackmailer owned) radio station that I sometimes pay attention to so that can update myself with the latest propaganda (from the blackmailers prospectus), bearing in mind it was the eve of an important Brexit related EU summit. They were going on about Scottish Independence and just how popular Herr Sturgeon is in their futile efforts to annoy me.

Although not a fan of Independence, I do believe in democracy and if independence is what the Scottish people want then so be it…but first the Scottish people need to know the facts about how the SNP know about Prince Charles’s sick crimes but instead of informing the Scottish (and British) people, they decided to blackmail him (a criminal act) for their own selfish political gain. What the SNP, Salmond an Sturgeon have been doing to my self and my (disabled) partner (both fellow Scots) because I am being used against them by the non blackmailed Royals. How they (the SNP) used blackmail to fix the EU referendum in their own favour etc. etc

I doubt if she will be quite so popular if the truth gets out!

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