Know Your Enemies

on: November 26, 2020, 05:40:09 PM

I can tell which blackmailer controlled Countries are hostile to me by which of my VPN servers get interfered with. I have VPN servers in different Countries all round the world, here are the worst offenders in order. Well My Israel VPN doesn’t get used for obvious reason, worst jointly are USA and UK, then France, then Russia then all the Baltic Countries like Latvia that border Russia, then strangely Germany but not quite so strange when you consider who has been running Germany since we (or our blackmailed Monarch) shamefully helped them to defeat that Country in the 1940’s.

Countries that least interfere with my VPN servers, the Nordic Country’s and asian ones.

With Biden in the Whitehouse Christian Countries like Germany, UK and dare I say USA can be dominant again but, traitor Charles HAS to go first!