King William

I noticed buried way down at the bottom of the blackmailer dominated news channels that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are embarked on a profile raising world tour and are currently in New York.

Although the conduct of the monarchy (especially towards me) has been shocking, I am not an advocate of abolition as that would be a shock to our constitution on top of this virus crisis. However the Monarchy does need reformed, no longer can they be above the law. If they commit crimes, they must pay! There must be safeguards and oversight against any more Royals becoming blackmailed. Never again should they be able to abuse state powers to persecute someone like me. Most importantly, ALL the blackmailers must be brought to justice as a deterrent, including the ones in my family.

As I have said before and to rob a metaphor from Theresa Aghh May of all people, we need a strong and stable Monarchy and after the threat from the Scottish separatist blackmailers has been dealt with, the throne must succeed to William and Kate so this once proud Country can get back on its feet again as soon as possible.

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