King Edward

I was watching a propaganda program the other night on the TV about King Edward, the one who abdicated in the 1930’s and his brother George. Both were Nazi sympathisers according to this program and they were passing British (blackmailer) secrets to the Germans.

Where was the other side of the story I wondered? What about the blackmailers? Ok so they weren’t blackmailing this particular Royal but they managed to forced him out of office and replace him with someone who was more in line with the blackmailers warmongering ideology.

My penny dropped when at the end of the propaganda film, I saw in the credits that the producers name was Hauffman or something. Say no more.

They also had commentators like that so called human rights lawyer Mansfield and the head of Republic, Smith. Both these people have totally ignored my pleas for help, it is starting to become clear now why, they are on the wrong side. It is a testament to the power of the blackmailers that they have a Republican outfit to give the (our) Monarchy a hard time if they no longer have a dickhead like Prince Charles to blackmail.

I tell you these blackmailers need taken down a peg or two and just let them call me names, see if I care!

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